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There could be multiple reasons an LMN Time report may not run as you may expect. For common issues, click the corresponding link below: 

ERROR: "Runtime Error" when running Payroll Report

This error occurs when some settings are missing in one of your Job Types for Payroll Codes.

To fix:

In LMN Time go to Settings >Job Types > Select your Job Types and then the Payroll tab until you find one blank like below.


From the drop-down menus select the appropriate payroll code and then run your report again.


Nothing happens when I run LMN Time Payroll Excel Reports.  Why?

If you run a Payroll Excel Report in LMN Time and nothing happens please follow the steps below to fix this issue:

  • Go to Settings > Job Types
  • Open each one of your job types and click the Payroll tab like below.
  • Make sure none of the Payroll settings are blank.  If blank - set the Payroll code to the desired payroll code and save.
  • Repeat for all your payroll codes - make sure you have no blanks
  • Run the Payroll excel reports again and they should work. If not please contact support.



Why are Weird Characters and Fonts Showing Up on LMN Time Reports?

If you are trying to generate a Report in LMN Time and your font has changed or doesn't look correct, that means that a crew member has likely used an emoji on the task notes... and this emoji might not be supported by the report generator.

But don't worry, it's an easy fix...

How to Fix via Admin Login: 

We will need to delete the emoji off of that timesheet:

    1. In LMN Time, Click on Timesheets > Timesheet List on the left-hand menu.
    2. Find the timesheet that you need to change the Task Note on and click on it
    3. If the timesheet has been submitted, you might need to put it back into progress (to do that, click on the edit button at the top on the screen) and click OK
    4. Click on the Task Info button
    5. Click on the NOTES tab
    6. Remove the emoji and click SAVE
    7. Re-run the same report and it should be fixed




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