cache safari cache won't clear safari cache safari won't clear cache won't clear Cache Won't Clear on Safari Mac

If you are using Safari on a Mac and have some items that will not clear with a standard cache clear, please follow these steps to clear out those remaining items. For more information on clearing your cache, please click HERE.

      1. Ensure that you have logged out of all webpages, and have closed all Safari tabs.
      2. Open your Finder and within that menu click on Go to Folder (alternatively, you can push Command + Shift + G).
      3. Copy and paste the following into the blank area:~/Library/Safari/Databases  
      4. Delete all the contents that appear in that folder by highlighting all folders and right-clicking Move to Trash.
      5. Open Safari again and check that all item are now deleted.
      6. If nothing appears when you search for the above criteria, please search ~/Library/Safari/Local Storage
      7. And follow the above steps to delete all the contents.

If these steps do not resolve your issue please reach out to


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