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Job types allow you to customize your own types of jobs in LMN Time.  They are useful for:

    • Filtering lists of jobs by type
    • Reporting on jobs by type
    • Setting up different rules for different types of jobs (e.g. - Ask for weather notes on snow jobs or track equipment notes on install jobs)
    • Configuring different payroll codes by job type (if applicable) so that LMN export custom payroll codes for special work like snow or union jobs.

Your Job Types in LMN Time allow you to organize your Jobs into different categories.
Four main points to consider when organizing your jobs by Job Types are as follows:
  • If you are using multiple Payroll Items per division or different types of work, you will want to assign unique Payroll Codes per Job Type. For example, for all of your "Snow" jobs, you can assign these jobs to use your Snow Payroll Codes by default. (For more information on Payroll Codes click HERE).
  • Default Tasks can be automatically added to each Job based on their Job Types. For example, for all of your "Install" jobs, you can have a default task of "Changes + Extras" automatically added. (For more information on Default Tasks click HERE).
  • Note Prompts can be assigned for each Job Type (more information on Note Prompts can be found below).
  • Dashboard reporting allows you to sort your list of Jobs by Job Type to view their Progress. (To view the Dashboard, click HERE).


To create Job Types:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Click on Jobs > Job Types on the right-hand menu.
  3. Click on +New located on the top-right corner. (NOTE: you will notice three Job Types that have been created by default: Install, Service, Snow. These cannot be deleted but you can edit their names by clicking on them and updating their names).


  • Give the Job Type a name.
  • Here you can toggle certain Note Prompts on or off by selecting the drop-down menu next to each one. (NOTE: Task Notes & Equipment Comments allow your foremen to leave any notes to be attached to their Timesheets. For the Weather Comments, this will automatically pull in the local weather based on their GPS coordinates, if turned on.)
  • If you wish to assign specific Payroll Codes for this Job Type, select the Payroll tab.
  • Here you can toggle what Payroll Codes to be designated for your Hourly, Hourly (Overtime) and Salary wages. The Payroll Codes selected here will overwrite the default Payroll Codes (set up back on Settings > Payroll). If you decide not to assign any specific Payroll Codes for this Job, it will use the Account Default under Settings > Payroll.
  • Press Save.

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