error guide latitude longitude optimize routes job group routing Please reorder manually The optimizer was unable to re-order this route Routes optimizer jobsite address long/lat lat/long google addresses ERROR: Optimizing Job Group - "The optimizer was unable to re-order this route. Please reorder manually"

If you receive an error when optimizing Job Group: The optimizer was unable to re-order this route. Please reorder manually, please see common issues and steps to correct below:

Double check all addresses to ensure they have an accurate numerical street address, zip code, city, longitude, and latitude.  From the job group screen (where you add addresses to job group), click 'export to excel' to view a list of jobs and their coordinates.

Addresses that include cardinal directions or are missing information will result in an error. To correct, follow these steps:

  • Go to Job List> Click on a job >from the Job Info page >if it is missing the lat/ long > Click the Action press button at the top right > Click Refresh Lat/Long '>save.  Once populated >return to Job Group and optimize.  If it does not populate you may need to enter manually.  For more information please see below.
  • To update a Jobsite address >from the Job Info screen > Click on the Customer. This step will open LMN Estimating in a new tab.  Go to CRM contact >Jobsites and update the job address. Once the Jobsite address is updated, return to the Job Info page and refresh your page.
  • For jobs with cardinal directions included in address i.e 321 North Eagle Drive, remove North and enter 'N' to represent North i.e 321 N. Eagle Drive. (see steps above to update Jobsite in CRM). Once the jobsite address is updated with N, E, S or W >return to the Job Info page and click 'save' >return to Job Group and optimize.
  • If Job Info looks accurate but you are still unable to route, start removing sites from the route one at a time until the route will optimize.  Start with suspicious looking addresses - ones that might cause a problem.
  • If you remove all addresses and it still doesn't work, try changing your Start/End address.  Please note: if this were the issue, NONE of your optimizations would work.

Manually selecting latitude/ longitude

It is imperative that the appropriate GPS coordinates are found in order to provide with you accurate reporting to compare if your employees are onsite/offsite when upon clock in/out or when using the Job Address for Route Optimization.

If you have imported an Estimate or created a Job manually in LMN Time, and your Latitude/Longitude coordinates are coming up as "0" (see screenshot below), this is most likely occurring because of an error within your Job Address. This is preventing Google Maps from pulling the proper GPS coordinates for your Job.


There are a few different methods to retrieve the correct GPS coordinates:

  1. Re-enter your address in the Job Address field and then click Action > Refresh Lat/Long to poll the Latitude/Longitude coordinates.
  2. If you see the new coordinates update, click on the Job Address just above the Latitude & Longitude. A new tab will open up to Google Maps for you to verify this is indeed the correct address.
  3. If the coordinates did not update and remain '0' OR the location does not have a current address yet (ie. new development property), proceed to Step 4.
  4. In a new tab, visit Google Maps.
  5. Type in your Address or locate it manually by entering an address nearby and finding the Job site.
  6. Once you have found the correct location, place a pin-drop on the location by left-clicking on the area.
  7. Click on the link containing the GPS coordinates in the box at the bottom of the screen. This will populate the Latitude and Longitude in the Search bar.
  8. Copy and paste these coordinates into the appropriate Latitude and Longitude fields on the Job Info screen > click Save
  9. Click on the Job Address again to verify that these are the correct coordinates.

If you are still experiencing issues after following the steps above, please contact for assistance.


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