guide invoicing generate invoice invoice runs invoice run Invoice generate invoices how do I create invoices Generating Invoices

In LMN Time, click on Invoices at the top of your screen. By default, this will bring you to the generate tab in the left menu.

From here you will want to follow these steps:

    1. Select the date range you want LMN to search for invoices. Extending your date range is a great way to ensure no bills have been missed.
    2. Select which Invoice Group you want to search for. More information on creating and setting up Invoice Groups can be found HERE.
    3. Select your Filter from the following:
      • All Billable 
      • Only Monthly Charges 
      • Only Billable Extras

Once you have selected the above, click Update. LMN will produce a list of jobs that have invoices matching your search criteria that have not been invoiced yet. Check off which invoices you want to run - by default they will all be selected for you.

The job with the gold flag in the picture below means there is an invoice marked for review. If you click on the job, you'll see an invoice with a gold flag signalling which invoice should be reviewed carefully.

By clicking on a job you will also see all of the invoice-able work included in your search criteria.

        • Individual invoices can be checked on or off depending if they're ready to be ran or not
        • The Service header outlines what service was performed (Contract, Activity, Service, or Hourly)
        • If you need to adjust the Quantity in your invoice to round up or down, for example, you can click the Edit button next to the invoice and change the quantity there.
        • The Total reflects your Pre-Tax Total for the invoice
        • T-Sheet indicates the status of your timesheet that invoice was pulled from. *Please note: Best practice is to only run invoices from Approved Timesheets and In Progress timesheets will not show up here.*

If you want to run an individual invoice and not your whole list you can do so by clicking the +Invoice button.


Once these invoices have been reviewed and you're ready to run them, click on the Invoice Run button at the top right of your screen.

After clicking +Invoice or Invoice Run and you're ready to export your generated invoices, refer to our article on syncing to QuickBooks Desktop here:


If you need to review and edit any invoices first, please check out our guide on editing invoices here:



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