users permission permissions user type admin supervisor staff faq Foreman user types time admin regular What Do the Different User Types in LMN Mean?

We have four different user types in LMN.  Please see some information on these user types below.

LMN Budget & Estimating

LMN Budgeting & Estimating Admins

  • Would have access to the Budgeting & Estimating end of the program.
  • You can adjust a Budgeting & Estimating User so they only have access to one portion of the program (ie. CRM) or multiple portions of the program (ie. Budget, CRM and Item Catalog).
  • Depending on your subscription level, you get complimentary users included.  These users can have access to LMN Estimating and/or LMN Time, or can just have access to LMN that applies to them, or these users can be set up as Forman users.
    • LMN Essential Subscription: 2 Users included (Admin/Forman)
    • LMN Professional Subscription: 5 Users included (Admin/Forman)

To add a new user, click HERE.

LMN Time

Regular Employees

  • Are unlimited and completely free.
  • Regular employees will not have access to LMN Time and are set up only for the purpose of tracking their time on a timesheet for payroll purposes.

LMN Time Foremen

  • Would have access to LMN Time for the purpose of clocking themselves and the regular employees that they are responsible for in and out.
  • Supervisor/Foremen users would only be able to see the timesheets that they create.
  • Supervisor/Foremen users are $14.99/user/month.

LMN Time Admins

  • Would have access to all of LMN Time on the Admin end of the program unless otherwise changed in the Permissions tab.
  • LMN Time Admins can help to setup your LMN Time Account, can assist with scheduling work and can review/approve/edit/delete timesheets.
  • With your subscription, you get a fixed number of complimentary admin users.  These users can have access to both Budgeting & Estimating and LMN Time, or can just have access to the end of the program that applies to them.
  • Additional Admin users are $14.99/user/month.



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