guide timesheet approving approve time timesheet review approve Approving Timesheets

It is very important to keep track of your crews timesheet submission daily. This allows you to monitor whether timesheets are being submitted or not and if they are being filled out correctly. You can do all of this by using the Approve screen in LMN Time as shown below:


You have the ability to check each timesheet that has been submitted and approve them for payroll.

Approve Selected:

By clicking on the checkboxes beside the date on each timesheet you can approve multiple timesheets at once. 

If you see a red 'edited' beside the timesheet then that means your foreman has clocked into a site and changed the time from the time that it actually was when they clocked in to an earlier time. Click on the timesheet, then click into the Employee Summary to see the changes that the foreman made to the timesheet.


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