payroll guide lmn time Review timesheets timesheets approve time audit review time Understanding the 'Approve' Screen In LMN Time

Before Approving Timesheets in LMN Time, you have the ability to Audit and Review your employee's timesheets. To do so:

  1. Login to LMN Time.
  2. Click Timesheets on the left-hand menu of the page.
  3. Click Approve on the left-hand menu.



If you wish to Approve or Un-Approve a Timesheet(s) in a quick manner, checkmark the timesheet(s) in question and then select the Update Timesheets dropdown to 'Approve Time' or 'Change Status'.

UNDERSTANDING THE ACTIONABLE ITEMS (refer below to screenshots)

  • Audit: if you see 'Edited' next a Timesheet, this is flagging the timesheet for manual data entry and for you to Audit the timesheet. Previously the red pencil AuditPencil.png
  • Drop Down Arrow to Review: a summary view of their start/end times, total hours by employee and by Job/Task and whether a lunch break was taken or not.
  • Edit: will bring you back into the Timesheet in question to make any adjustments you may need to make (click HERE on more information on Editing Timesheets).



When you click arrow down button you will then see an Employee Summary and Job & Task Summary

Click anywhere inside the screen below to review time. 


On the Review Time page, you will see their ACTUAL time of clock-in/out highlighted in red and what time they changed it to under the CLOCK IN/OUT header.


You will also have the ability to view their exact GPS location of where they were when they clocked in/out by selecting the 2019-09-11_12_53_20-LMNWeb3___Timesheet_Approve.png button. (NOTE: if this button is unable to be selected, your employee's Location Services was disabled on their smartphone at the time of clock in/out).



You also have the ability to approve timesheets directly on the screen by pressing Approve.


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