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Invoice Settings

There are a couple of fields which will print on your Invoices and these fields are customizable by company.  To set your Invoice Settings, follow the steps below:

  1. In LMN Time, click on the Settings wheel.
  2. Click on Invoice > Invoice Settings.2019-09-20_09_32_19-LMNWeb3___Invoicing_Setting.png
  3. Add the following fields, based on your company information:
    • Invoice Prefix - This will be listed at the beginning of each Invoice Number.  Some companies choose to use the calendar year, while other companies may use an Alfa-Numeric code.
    • Next Invoice Number - This will be the next number LMN will use for Invoicing.  Some companies choose to adjust this number based on their existing Invoicing numbering system and other companies choose to simply increase the number from one so it does not look like this is their first generated invoice.
    • Default Contract Start/End Dates - When you add a contract manually in LMN Time, by default LMN will go by the dates indicated here.  You will have the opportunity to adjust these dates in the LMN Time Contracts specifically.  You will need to change these defaults as the season/estimating times change (ie. when you begin creating your Snow Jobs, it may be worth changing your Default Contract dates).
    • Invoice Note (1, 2 and 3) - Invoice Notes will allow you to add text to your printed Invoices.  Some companies choose to use these fields for Tax Numbers, Business Identification Number, Association Memberships, etc.



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