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Services are an important part of LMN Time for anyone wishing to track what's completed on a job (whether for billing or reporting purposes) or for companies utilizing Bulk Scheduling. 

Services are Yes/No answers.  They are either complete or not.  You cannot track quantities on services, but you can track quantities on materials. For more information on materials, click HERE.

When a crew clocks out of a job, services are going to pop-up.  Foremen will be able to indicate if they completed them or not. Services are very useful for billing and reporting purposes.

Examples of Services: 

  • Mow Complete
  • Fert-Spring
  • Fert-Summer-Early
  • Fert-Summer-Late
  • Plow Complete
  • Walks Deiced
  • Site Inspection

Services are different than materials as they don't ask you how much of a material was used but instead ask you, yes or no questions, was the job done or not?  You can, however, link materials for tracking to a Service.  For more information on linked materials click HERE.

Service Setup

 *Note that Services need to be setup in settings before adding them to a job. This creates a standard list to use for each job and eliminates creating duplicate or similar Services in your account.

  1. Login to LMN Time
  2. Click on Settings > Jobs > Services
  3. Click + New icon in the top right corner




Service Name: This would be specific to the type of work that is being completed.

Examples include: Spring Clean Up Completed, Mowing Completed, Fertilization Spring Completed, etc. 

It is important to include the word Completed in your service names so your staff can mark off when it is in fact complete.  Depending on your Invoice Type, certain Services may trigger additional billing.

*Make sure to mark the service as active - if it isn't then you won't be able to attach it to a Job.

 Invoice Type:

  • Included - If a Service is included in a contract (ie. Billing Type: Per Season in the Estimate), it will not trigger additional billing since the cost for this service as it is included in your monthly invoicing.
  • Billed Per Visit - This option will bill when the Service is completed (ie. Billing Type: Per Visit in the Estimate).
  • Hourly - This option will bill when the Service is selected for the exact amount of time someone is clocked into the Service (ie. Billing Type: Per Hour/Unit in the Estimate).

Show Service Date: If this is selected, then all service dates will appear on your invoices. This is important for billable work so that you can show your client the dates that you serviced their property.

Invoice Description: This is the description that is going to show up on the client's invoice.

Taxable: Is this work taxable? If yes, select this checkbox.

Flag for Review: Feature that will put an extra flag on the invoice to notify the staff member approving invoices that they need to pay special attention to that invoice. Check this box off if you want the flag notification to appear on the invoice.

Schedule Type: The default scheduling type of this service. There are three options, WEEKLY (allows you to set a start and end date with weekly intervals in between for each visit) or MANUAL (whereby you pick a set date per visit) and WAIT LIST for scheduling jobs to your Wait list where you're unsure the specific date it will be done, but know the date range (Fertilization for example)Manual, Weekly, Waitlist

Manager: The default manager for visits created for this service.

Crew Size: The default crew size for scheduled visits created for this service. 

Unproductive Time: The default amount of unproductive time for visits created for this service, in crew hours.

Linking Materials to Services

  1. Click on your Service in Settings > Services
  2. Click on Linked Materials
  3. Click +Add

 *When you add this service to a job, the materials will be linked by default. More information on setting up materials can be found HERE.


How To Add a Service to a Job

  1. Click on Jobs > Jobs List
  2. Click into a Job
  3. Click on Services on the left side menu
  4. Click + Service




From this screen, you can pick and choose which Services you would like to add to this specific job for tracking.

What do your crews see on the LMN Time App?

When your crews clock out of a job or into another job, the App will ask them if they completed the setup services for that job, along with activities if linked.


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