edit materials invoice invoices update invoice editing invoices update invoices edit services editing materials editing activities Editing Timesheet Services, Materials or Activities While Invoicing

Admin has the ability to update services and activities/materials from generate invoice page.

  • Select the job with services/activities for invoicing.
  • Click Edit button (pencil icon) beside any of the services for that job/date.



  • The Invoicing Detail window will open with service and activities/ materials description, and price.


    • Click Edit Services if you want to change the services or materials that were logged on the timesheet
      • When the Edit screen loads, you can select/unselect services, activities, or even change quantities of materials
      • When you're finished your changes, press the Update button to finalize these changes for invoicing
        • Note: changes here will permanently update the timesheets as well!
      • Once Update is confirmed, all timesheets and billing reports will reflect changes made.




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