geocoding geolocate crew locations actual locations faq approve time GPS Tracking audit time auditing tracking crew review time Staff: Does LMN Time have GPS tracking on my Crews?

LMN Time tracks the actual GPS coordinates of your crews every time they punch in and/or out of a task or jobsite.

GPS locations are only tracked when an employee is punching in, or out, or otherwise interacting with the system. Employee locations are not visible when they are not using LMN Time.

When your staff are punching in or out, you can see:

  • Whether your crews were actually where they said they were
  • Whether they filled out their timesheets at night at the shop
  • Which foremen are consistently not filling out their timesheets properly
  • How far away your crews are from jobsites when they actually clock in
  • Whether the crews changed the date/time of their clock in or out time



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