guide timesheet Review timesheets approving timesheets audit review time How To Review Timesheets

As a LMN Time Admin, you have the ability to review all timesheets and the information associated to them for your company.  To do so, follow the instructions below.

You have multiple options for reviewing timesheets: the Timesheets List screen and the Approve screen. We will review your options below.

Timesheets List


  • From this screen you can click on the timesheet that you wish to review.
  • Then, you can click on the Gray bar with the job name in it in order to review the time logs for that job.


Approve Time


  • From this screen, you will have three options for reviewing timesheets: Audit, Review and Edit.
  • The word 'edited' in red will indicate any timesheets which were edited by the person who created the timesheet.

Audit Time 


  • Click into the timesheet summary to see all time records within the timesheet, along with Clock In/Out time (the time the staff member said they were clocking in) and Actual (the time they actually clocked in/out).
  • Any times that were not accurate will be shown in a red font.

Review Time


  • You can review your timesheet in detail by clicking on the timesheet to drop down a summary to review. 
  • If you accept the timesheet as is, you can click Approve from this page.




  • Click on Open to review the timesheet - from here you will be able to review the time logs for this job.
  • Then, you can click edit which will bring you to the timesheet to further edit if required.


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