guide edit timesheet office admin editing timesheets Manually Edit a Timesheet from the Office (Admin)

    1. Click Timesheets > Timesheet List
    2. Select the Timesheet you wish to edit. 
    3. On the Timesheet page, ensure that the Status is listed as IN PROGRESS. NOTE: If the status is In Review, Submitted, or Approved, once you click 'edit' you will be prompted the status of the timesheet will change to 'in progress'
    4. Click on the Job/Task to expand the Employee's clocked-in below 
    5. Click on the Employee you wish to edit.
    6. Click on the respective field you wish to edit and make your changes (Job, Task, Date, Time).
    7. Click OK to Save.
    8. Repeat the same process for each Employee that require editing.
    9. If all edits have been completed, click the Submit button to Submit Timesheet.2019-09-10_13_08_25-LMNWeb3___Timesheet_Detail.png

How to Edit a Timesheet if Foreman Clocked into the Wrong Job or task?

To see how to Manage Crew's for lateness, absenteeism, adding/deleting employee from a timesheet, please visit this Help Center article HERE:

If your foreman has clocked into the wrong job/task by mistake you can easily swap their hours to the correct job/task by following these simple steps:
    1. Go into the time sheet in question.
    2. Click Edit if not in Progress already.
    3. Click on Edit Task for the job needing swapped.
    4. Next click the Switch Jobs button. 
    5. Next click this icon 2019-09-10_13_45_53-LMNWeb3___Timesheet_Detail.png
    6. Search for the correct job and task and select it > click ok
    7. Click Next > Review changes
    8. Review your changes and Finish.

The timesheet's hours have now been changed to the new job.

Foreman can also do this themselves from their app. Please click the link below for our video on using the LMN Time App:



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