invoicing september automate pro tip newsletter September 2019 Newsletter Pro Tip - Save Countless Hours Invoicing with LMN

Still not invoicing with LMN? You could be saving countless admin hours by switching to LMN to automate the process! Whether it's a snow or a mow contract or you're charging hourly or per push/visit, LMN can handle it all!

See below for invoice examples based on per-inch billing for a snow customer.

  • In the Field (Foreman View) 

Setup your snow crews with the power to automate your invoicing. They can select the services that have been completed in order to trigger a billing opportunity.



  • Invoice created from timesheet (Admin View)

Invoice generated from a "submitted" timesheet give admins the option to edit services prior to invoicing the customer (if required). 



  • LMN Invoice once Exported to Quickbooks (Customer View)

Get those invoices out the day after the event, rather than spending countless admin hours manually creating invoices based on paper timesheets or reports.


Questions? We're here to help.

Let the LMN Crew show you how to automate this tedious process. Contact your Account Rep today, or email us at to discuss how to implement.


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