Pro Tip Holly newsletter august August 2019 Newsletter Pro Tip - Use Services Per Occurrence Snow Events

Estimate and Invoice like a Pro this winter!  Take the hassle out of tracking or invoicing Per Occurrence events, eliminate countless admin hours, and piles of paperwork with the use of Services.

Examples of Per Occurrence Snow Services: 

  • Plow (1"-3.99)
  • Plow (4"-5.99)
  • Plow (Partial)
  • Plow (Full)
  • Deicing (Full)
  • Deicing (Partial)

Add Services to your Snow Estimates, and billing types plus rates will import into LMN Time. 


Activate Invoicing and instruct your Operators to mark off Service completed, and if need be Admin can edit selected Service(s) prior to Invoicing customer, click HERE to learn how.

Screenshot of Imported Estimate to create Job:


Screenshot of App view of Services: 


Screenshot of Invoice generated from timesheet Service selection, ready to be queued for export to Quickbooks:



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