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Since LMN Time is "live", you can track an employee's progress in real-time at any moment of the day.

There are five ways to track your employees:

  1. View Progress
  2. Timesheet Review 
  3. Where Are They?
  4. Crew Progress
  5. Crew Locations

Manage your staff locations using the following easily accessed time and staff reports.  For GPS reporting, if you get a result of N/A for an employee this would indicate that they do not have the location settings turned on their device.  This is a device setting (not an LMN setting) that can be toggled on/ off by the user.

View progress to check in on operators at the job site in real-time...


See a summary of which crews are clocked in, what job they are at, what time they clocked in and out, services completed, materials used, crew notes and photos taken at the site with timesheet review.


Check out where are they? for site GPS verification.  Are they actually on site? If not, see how many miles away they are from the site.....


Or see your crews progress on a map with a trail of where they have been...


Or lastly, crew locations which will show a pin on a map for each of the crew's that are clocked in; showing the Job they've clocked into and their start time.  You can toggle the Period to ANY TIME or LAST 48 HOURS.


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