Onboarding LMN Estimating Item Catalog setup Item catalog Setup 4. Onboarding - LMN Estimating - Item Catalog

Our next step for setting up your LMN account is to get your Item catalog in order. The Item Catalog is where all the items you'll be estimating is stored. By having everything in one place, you'll get consistent pricing between estimators and create estimates more efficiently.

Don't forget to use the Sample Items for ideas on how to set up your own items!

Average time to Complete this step: ~1 Day 

LMN Onboarding Tips:

  • It helps to pause the video as you're watching it and implement items as you go along with the video.
  • Use a consistent naming convention when importing your Materials. Think how staff at your company will be searching for those materials. (Ex. Latin name versus common name for plants).
  • If you can, start by importing your top ~200 most commonly used items. It's not necessary to import ALL materials. You won't use them all and you can always create materials as you're creating Estimates if you missed anything!
  • Most companies will import their highest priced vendor list instead of importing multiple vendor lists into the system.
  • Labor Items should be created by Crew Type (Install Crew, Maintenance Crew, etc.).
  • Equipment should be created by Equipment Type and NOT each individual piece of equipment. The idea here is when estimating in advance you may know the type of equipment going to the jobsite, but not the actual vehicle or piece of equipment.

Steps to complete before next step:

  1. Review and implement the Item Catalog(excluding Production Rates and Templates)

Advanced Onboarding Steps (Optional):

  1. Setup Production Rates
  2. Create Templates for faster and more consistent Estimates

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