onboarding staff training 4. Onboarding - LMN Time - Staff Training

Now that your Jobs are setup in LMN Time, the next step is training your Foremen on how to use the LMN Time app and Admin staff on how to review and approve time sheets. Once trained they can begin using the app day-to-day to track their time!

Average time to Complete this step: 1 Hour initially. (Ongoing after initial training as needed)

LMN Onboarding Tips:

  • A lot of companies will have a company event such as a paid lunch/dinner while they roll out training for their foreman staff.
  • It's a good idea to play with the app yourself before rolling it out to crews so you can answer questions confidently.
  • Remind foremen this is how payroll is tracked so try to keep data as accurate as possible. They should also be creating a new time sheet each day they work.
  • You do not need to Schedule your Jobs in order for your crews to clock into Jobs. They can always search for Jobs in the App if they already know their route.

Steps to complete before next step:

  1. Ensure all necessary parties download the LMN Time App from the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.
  2. Review the Foreman App training videos and present it to the team.
  3. Review guide on How to Review & Approve Timesheets 
  4. Admins Review How to see Crew Location and Progress on Jobs

Advanced Onboarding Steps (Optional):

  1. Setup Job Groups to make it easier for crews to find the Jobs they're looking for.
  2. Run Reports in Report section once timesheets are created to see which reports you prefer.

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