onboarding LMN Time Settings LMN Time settings Foreman setup 1. Onboarding - LMN Time - Settings & Staff

The first step for getting LMN Time up and running will be to make sure you setup any Staff who will be assisting in the setup and adjusting your LMN Settings as needed. For best results we recommend getting people from operations, production and accounting involved in setting up your account.

Average time to complete this step: 1-3 Hours

LMN Onboarding Tips:

  • It helps to pause the video as you're watching it and implement items as you go along with the video. Use the time stamps provided to skip ahead if needed.
  • Create foreman as Regular Employees for now. You can change them to Foreman when you're ready to take LMN live so you're not paying the foreman fees right away.
  • Change the Timezone in your Settings to a city closest to you in your timezone. Avoid using a Generic timezone setting.
  • QuickBooks Online users who use QBO for payroll can skip entering Payroll Codes.
  • You only need 1 Service/Rate/Material for every service/rate/material you sell. The invoice type and amount you charge can be changed customer to customer.

Steps to complete before next step:

  1. Review Settings & Staff video and implement in your account

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