LMN Pro setup Budgeting Onboarding 2. Onboarding - LMN Estimating - Budgeting

The next step to getting your LMN Estimating section up and running is to begin working on your LMN Budget! The Budget will allow you to easily see all your costs ensuring you're recovering enough overhead, help you make better business decisions, and of course help you estimate for Profit!

Average time to complete this step: >1 Day

LMN Onboarding Tips:

  • Have your Profit & Loss, Payroll summary and equipment list ready to go when you watch the video!
  • Start with a total company budget first.
  • If you have multiple people working on setting up LMN, those not working on the Budget can move ahead to the CRM or Item Catalog. This can significantly speed up your implementation time!
  • After you Activate your budget you can always go back and edit it.
  • Reach out to our Support team if you would like a Budget review when you're done!

Steps to complete before next step:

  1. Review the Budget video and create your total company Budget

Advanced Onboarding Steps (Optional):

  1. After your total company budget is complete, you can setup Divisional Budgets if you choose to. Divisional Budgets can help you see how each division is performing and get more accurate pricing on estimates.


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