LMN Pro setup Company info Onboarding Staff setup 1. Onboarding - LMN Estimating - Staff & Company Info

The first step to getting your LMN Estimating section up and running is to add any users who will be assisting you in the setup of your account and fill in some company information. For best results we recommend getting people from operations, production and accounting involved in setting up your account.

Average time to complete this step: 1 Hour

LMN Onboarding Tips:

  • It helps to pause the videos as you're watching them and implement items as you go along with the videos.
  • If you get stuck anywhere and need support, click the green Help button at the top right of your screen to search help articles or contact our support team!
  • For best results, your logo should be oriented horizontally and have an aspect ratio of no greater than 5.8:1. This means that if your logo is 580 pixels wide, it should be no higher than 100 pixels to display optimally.
  • Only give Security Admin permission to select staff. People with this permission will be able to reset passwords, add new users, and deactivate users as well.

Steps to complete before next step:

  1. Review Company Info video and upload your logo
  2. Review Adding User video and add any users who will be assisting with the LMN setup.

Advanced Onboarding Steps (Optional):

  1. Upload your signature in the Report Settings section to save time later when you're creating estimates!
  2. Reach out to your Material Vendors (most companies just import the highest priced vendor) for an Excel price list.  By doing this early if it takes your vendor a few days to get back to you, you'll have it by the time you start working on your Item Catalog!


Click Here for Step 2 of 6 - Budgeting


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