faq LMN Time Reports Materials Task and Activites Estimated Cost Average Unit Cost cost unit avg. unit cost job costing Task and Activities Report - Where does estimated cost come from?

When pulling the Task and Activities report in LMN Time the estimated cost comes from average unit cost that is entered in for the material in LMN Time either under Settings>Activities/materials or at a job level if a change was made to the default costs for the materials for that job. The key to remember is that LMN Time material information does not pull from LMN Home’s Item Catalog.

Let’s look at an example. We have Salt listed below with an average unit cost of $5.00 a bag:


A crew went out and used 2 bags of salt at a job and recorded both of those bags in the app when they completed their work. So when we run the Task and Activities report for that day we’ll see:


We see an estimated cost of $10 since two bags were used at an average unit cost of $5.00 each. Again, these number are pulling from the material information in LMN Time only.

To help illustrate this that the average cost isn't coming from LMN Home, here is a work area where we will be charging per visit for snow removal and it includes bagged salt (it's a bigger picture, so the numbers aren't as clear, but salt is $7.00 a bag as cost and being billed out at 8.50, and we've estimated .25 bags per visit, with each visit being charged at $55.61

When this estimate comes over into LMN Time, it sets the service up for per visit billing at 55.61, with no materials attached. The visit price includes the salt already in it ($8.50 is part of that total 55.61, which can be verified in the picture of the estimate work area), there's no place for us to say "and charge extra for the sale" in the estimate in LMN Home. That means the material doesn't attach automatically, and there's no way for the cost of $7 to move into any fields as an average cost for a material:


To recap, the average unit cost is inputted by users in LMN Time, either as a default cost in settings>activities/materials area or at the job level when an activity/material is added, and does not populate from any field in LMN Home. If a material is included in an LMN Home work area, it will always be included in the seasonal, per visit, or per hour price.


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