LMN Time Invoicing Creating jobs Job setup Onboarding 3. Onboarding - LMN Time - Creating Jobs & Invoicing Setup

The third step of getting setup in LMN Time is to create the Jobs in LMN Time that the crews will be clocking into. The goal here is to create Jobs that will be easy for the Crews to clock into, while still giving the office enough data on where hours were spent. For LMN Pro users, we'll also want to make sure we setup our Jobs for invoicing to help automate that process.

Average time to Complete this step: 2-8 Hours (Time fluctuates depending on types of contracts and number of contracts needed to input.)

LMN Onboarding Tips:

  • If you're already using LMN Estimating, it's recommended that you create your Jobs by importing the Estimates to LMN Time.
  • If you're new to LMN, it's recommended to use the Create Jobs tool to create them in bulk.
  • Try to limit how many Tasks you're creating for each Job. Start off simple with 1-2 Tasks and you can always add more in later as your crews get used to using the app.
  • Tasks track Time. Services track what was completed while the crew was there and Activities/Materials track what quantity of material was used at the job site.

Steps to complete before next step:

  1. Review the LMN Time Job Onboarding video
  2. Import Jobs to LMN Time in bulk using LMN's CRM Create Jobs tool. We suggest doing this with ONE customer to start before selecting more in bulk to see how it works first.
  3. Once Jobs are in LMN Time - Add your Services to the Jobs in bulk
  4. Review Invoicing Video and Setup Jobs for Invoicing

Advanced Onboarding Steps (Optional):

  1. Go into each Job and adjust the Tasks Notes, Estimated Hours and Visit quantities if you have this information. This will allow crews to see a goal of how long each visit should be taking from their app and any important notes like gate code information.

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