LMN pro lmn basic upgrade Subscription paid How Do I Upgrade My Free Account to LMN Basic/Pro?

You've enjoyed your Free account and are ready to sign up?

Here are the instructions on how to upgrade to LMN Basic or Pro:

  1. Log into your Free LMN account. Click here to log in.
  2. Click here to upgrade to a paid account (top of page) or Account > Activate LMN.
    STEP 1 - Confirm the package you wish to sign up for (Basic or Pro). What's the difference?
    STEP 2 - Select your referral source of how you heard about LMN.
    STEP 3 - Fill out the form + enter the credit card you wish to have on file for billing.
  3. Click Activate LMN Account.

Congratulations! Your account has been activated.

What's next?

OPTION 1: Click here to begin your BUDGETING/ESTIMATING setup.

OPTION 2: Click here to begin your TIMETRACKING setup.

FYI - all your data in your Free account will carry forward into your paid account.


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