spanish online training videos too fast french closed caption closed captioning too fast Are the HelpDesk training videos available in other languages?

Users often ask about availability of our training videos in other languages (Spanish/French/etc...)  The Audio is ONLY available in English however you can use CC (Closed Captioning) to facilitate this by viewing the written text of the spoken audio on screen!

How do you enable this?

  1. On the bottom right hand side of your YOUTUBE video you will see a GEAR ICON, click it!
  2. You should see 3 options including "SUBTITLES/CC", click it!
  3. Next, you will see 3 options including "AUTO TRANSLATE", click it!
  4. Next, you will see a list of languages for you to choose.  Click the LANGUAGE you want your Closed Captioning to be translated to.
  5. Now go to the video and you will see a "CC" next to the left of the GEAR ICON.  Click on the CC icon and make sure that it is UNDERLINED in RED.  If it is, you're all set!
  6. You can now watch the video in the supported language of your choice via closed captioning text on the screen


NOTE: If the video/Closed Captioning is moving too quickly for you to read comfortably, you can slow down the video/audio to suit your viewing pace.  Here's how...

  1. Click on the GEAR ICON on the bottom right hand side of your YOUTUBE video
  2. You should see 3 options including "SPEED - NORMAL", click it!
  3. You will see numerous speed options to choose from.  You can slow it down from Normal speed to .75 speed, .5 speed or .25 speed.
  4. Select the speed you'd like to slow the video down to from the following options .75 or .5 or .25)
  5. Now you can watch the video and the Closed Captioning at speed suitable to your own pace

That's all there is to it, you can now enjoy the videos in your language and at your speed!



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