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Ditch the paperwork forever with LMN's mobile timesheets. In this session we'll how you how a crew gets setup with LMN Time and how they clock in and out of jobs. We'll also show timesheet admins how to review, audit and approve timesheets for payroll and billing.



Video Guide:

App specific:
Settings - 1:50
Default Crew setup - 2:50
App timesheet clock in - 3:50
Find job by group - 4:57
Find job by searching - 5:51
Pick task - 7:32
Clock into a new task or job - 9:50
Find info about the job (including files) - 11:23
Check off services done - 13:29
Mark a scheduled job as complete - 18:38
Submit a timesheet - 18:58

In LMN Time:
Open timesheet - 22:20
Timesheet review - 22:54
Timesheet approve - 24:42
Audit (view sheet edits and location at clock in) - 25:48
Approve time sheets - 27:04
Payroll warnings - 28:10


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