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LMN Time takes the paper (and the work) out of your daily paperwork. With our mobile app, you'll have real-time visibility into crew locations, job status, site notes and more. Before you dive in though - this session will take you through setting up the basics, including adding employees, your default settings, overtime rules, services (and materials) for tracking and much more. It's easy - but it's super-important to get off on the right foot.


Video Guide:

Adding Employees (Regular) to LMN Time- 2:25
Setting up a Foreman in LMN Time- 4:02
Setting up an Administrator in LMN Time- 6:58
How to Hide Jobs- 7:45
How to Hide Staff- 9:38
How to set up Permissions for LMN Time Admins- 9:53
How to Create Staff Groups- 11:14
Time tracking- 12:43
Payroll- 14:13
Setup Payroll Codes- 15:42
Job Types- 18:14 (Task Notes, Weather Comments, Equipment Comment: 18:40
Payroll Codes: 20:05
Cost Codes- 21:32
Company Info- 21:56
Rates- 22:09
Service- 23:51
Activities/Materials- 23:51
Linked Activities/Materials- 31:05
Scheduling: 33:55
Invoicing- 34:46
Default Tasks- 35:32
Training- 38:25



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