material services activities create job tasks renew activity job group Merge Job Merge tasks Import estimate copy job LMN Onboarding - LMN Time Jobs and Job Setup


Ditch the paper timesheets forever with the LMN Time mobile timesheet app. This session will show you how to setup your LMN Time jobs for timetracking, billing, job tracking and more.


Video guide:

Copy Job - 36:46
Create new job from scratch - 32:55
Create new job from CRM - 11:25
Import job from estimates - 33:33
Renew jobs - 30:20
Upload job files - 14:50
Clock in tasks - 21:40
Merging tasks - 35:40
Add job to groups - 26:50
Set up Job Groups - 27:10
Reassign jobs (group or type) - 28:20
Add tasks to jobs (bulk) - 29:16
Job reports - 39:30



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