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This video will guide you through making estimates for service contracts, such as property maintenance, mowing or snow + ice contracts. Here you'll learn how to set up an estimate from scratch, how to copy an estimate from a template, and how to make quick and easy pricing adjustments, and how to setup a monthly payment schedule. And all this can be exported to LMN Time to track and manage time on this contract once you've been awarded the job.

We recommend completing the CRM, Budgeting and Item Catalog videos prior to this video.

Video guide

Add a service to an estimate - 2:00
Add items to a work area - 3:36
Change budget in an estimate - 4:40
Create a template for maintenance estimates - 6:10
Select new client for an estimate - 7:10
Set project name default - 8:30
Exclude an estimate from stats - 11:10
Measure site tool - 12:48
Put work areas on hold - 17:15
Override budget profit in an estimate - 17:45
Make work areas have a round number - 19:06
Create a contract/monthly payment schedule - 20:20
Set service types for work areas - 22:45
Print proposals - 24:10




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