QuickBooks error sync tool error sync tool crash sync tool freeze sync tool stops working QuickBooks: "LMN SYNC Tool has stopped working" and shuts down

When attempting to sync to QuickBooks, you may encounter a situation where the LMN Sync tool Shuts down with a message "LMN SYNC TOOL HAS STOPPED WORKING".

This typically happens as soon as you proceed to press "OK" after entering and updating the FILE PATH in Step 2. 

This is an extremely rare occurrence!  Please ensure that you have reviewed the following troubleshooting tips first to ensure you are not experiencing any of these other issues first.

Click here for Troubleshooting LMN's QuickBooks Sync Tool Install

The necessary steps to address this specific issue would be to...

  1. UNINSTALL and REINSTALL both QuickBooks AND the LMN Sync tool
  2. Attempt to run LMN SYNC again (Step 1 & Step 2)
  3. Problem should be resolved at this point

Should you require assistance, please contact support@golmn.com



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