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Standard estimates are used for creating install-type estimates. They are used for work such as planting a garden, building a deck or patio, or installing trees or shrubs. LMN makes estimating landscape projects fast, accurate, trainable, and most importantly, profitable. Watch this video to see exactly how its done.

We recommend completing the CRM, Budgeting and Item Catalog videos prior to this video.

Video Guide:

Building a Standard Estimate - 1:54
Estimate Status (Stage of pipeline) - 5:11
Exclude from Stats - 5:30
Contact Information - 6:15
Building a price (Work Areas and pricing tab) - 7:30
Add Items/Templates - 9:50
Material Search/Category
Adding Quantities (labor/material etc.) - 12:45
Adding an item not in the Item Catalog - 15:05
Create Budget Items (not item by item) - 16:30
Add items from template - 18:15 
Client/Crew Notes/Terms and Conditions - 19:50
Customer Proposal (print) - 21:07 
Job Planner - 22:50


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