faq Subscription: What information gets purged if I downgrade my account to LMN Free?

If you're on an LMN Basic or LMN Pro plan, and you choose to downgrade to the Free plan, here's what will happen.

LMN Free plan is a plan that provides unlimited access to Budgeting, CRM and the Item Catalog. You can use these sections (for free) for as long as you'd like.  The LMN Free plan has a limit to your active users (5) and the number of estimates it can store (5 standard estimates, 15 service estimates).  LMN Free does not include any access to LMN Time, nor does it include LMN's Quickbooks Sync.  

Here's What Happens When you Downgrade

Your access to data not included in the LMN Free plan will be immediately suspended.  We will hold your data for a 25-day grace period, after which your data will be permanently deleted.

Here's list a summary of the data that will be purged

  • All Invoices, Invoice Runs, and Invoice Groups
  • All Scheduled and/or Wait List visits
  • All Schedule Crews, Holidays, and Work Calendars
  • All Unscheduled Routes
  • All Timesheets and associated Timesheet Data
  • All LMN Time jobs, billing, scheduling and work history
  • All staff from LMN Time
  • Any users over the limit of 5 will be deactivated
  • All but your first 5 standard estimates (sample estimates count)
  • All but your first 15 service estimates (sample estimates count)


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