error quickbooks error insufficient permissions insufficient ERROR: Insufficient Permissions in QuickBooks to import Estimate

This error happens when someone is trying to import an estimate to QuickBooks Enterprise but doesn't have the required permissions in QuickBooks to do so.


Here are the permissions needed in QuickBooks for a user to successfully send over an estimate:

*Centers: - (Mixed)
Customer Center – Full
*Customers and Receivables: - (Mixed)
Accounts Receivable Accounts – Full
Estimates – Full
*Lists: - (Mixed)
Chart of Accounts – Partial (View only)
*Item List – Full (Modify is needed here especially so LMN can set your Work area descriptions in the estimate)
Customer and Vendor Profiles- (Mixed)
Terms List – Full
Sales Tax Code List - Full
Reports: - (Mixed)
Custom Transaction - Full

To fix the error, follow these permissions in your users Role in QuickBooks and then re-sync your estimate over from LMN.

As always, if you continue to experience issues after changing these permissions in QuickBooks, please let us know by contacting !


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