estimate install video test drive LMN Test Drive - Design-Build/Install Estimates

Like we said before, nothing is more important than starting every job with the right place.  And nobody does it better than LMN.

Use our sample budget and sample item catalog to build estimates.  All you need to do is enter how long your tasks will take, and what equipment and materials your crews will need.   Using the budget, and the item catalog, LMN will take care of all the pricing for you.

From there, you can print/email your estimates, attach files to estimates, print proposals for customers, job planners for crews, convert estimates into sold jobs, report on your salespipeline, measure jobsites... and much, more more.  

Your estimate.  It's so much more than a price.  It's a price, its an operations plan, and it might be your best (and last) chance to market your company to a prospective customer.  Let LMN help you do it better than anyone..


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