guide Full Software Implementation

LMN is a full solution designed specifically for your landscape company to streamline your operations from estimating, to scheduling your jobs and getting work done in the field and much more. By setting up properly you will create a system that will allow you and your team to estimate jobs faster, and more consistently/accurately. Our HelpDesk is set up in a way that can get you to that point of success and we are there to help you too! Simply follow each section in order.

For a full system setup create a company budget so you can plan for your profit from the start. When you create estimates and win those jobs you'll be able to instantly set them up for your crews in the field so you can streamline payroll, job-costing and invoicing. The tutorials in our HelpDesk will outline what information you will need to complete each section as you progress in in the numbered order.

Our HelpDesk is set up in the proper order to get you set up right, and to gain a strong understanding of proper use. To start you off with a top level overview of how the software flows into QuickBooks please refer to the flow chart below:


Click here to download the LMN flowchart


Before you continue to Stage 2 (budgeting) learn how to set up other users if needed, and your company info:

Click here for Onboarding Stage 1: Your Company Account

If you have any questions about this process call our team at 1-(888) 347-9864 or email to schedule a personal consultation (free) whenever it is convenient for you.


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