guide reports fert ticket chem ticket leave behind chem/ fert fert/ chem ticket Can I Print a Fert/Chem Ticket in LMN?

You can print fert/chem tickets in LMN. This is found in the LMN reports section under the other reports.



As seen below there are a few different options you can choose when printing these tickets. First of all, you can print a fert/chem ticket for a single Job or a whole Job Group. Next, you check off the services that are included in the fert/chem tickets. Since this report is based on services, if you do not use services please refer to our services setup guides. For more information on services, click HERE, and for a step-by-step visual guide on services, click HERE.

There are a few more options before you print your fert/chem tickets. If materials were used then you can include those. For more information on setting up materials for jobs, click HERE.  Also, you can include the invoice info on the report which shows the total amount due from the client based on the service and material billing setup in the job. 



Below you will see an example of what is displayed in the Fert/Chem Ticket Report when you click OK. It will break down each job on its own page. We made this report size properly with the standard sized 1/3 mark perforated paper that you can buy for this purpose at your local store so that when printed you can tear off the sections. The top part is to tear off for your own records, and the bottom part is the leave-behind aspect for the client. The client's name, address, services, and any other aspect needed for legal purposes are produced in this report which can be filled in by a fert/chem technician while on site. 



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