guide video wait list map view warn date promote schedule wait lists how do I add jobs to the wait list schedule wait list promote to wait list Adding Jobs to the Schedule Wait List

Some types of work are hard to schedule.  When you're adding a job at the beginning of the year that requires fertilization or fall cleanup - you don't know the exact date you're going to do the work... you just know you have to get it done within a certain timeframe.

That's the best case for using a wait list.  You can setup a start date, and a warning date, for your wait lists, then add jobs and their services to this list.  After the start date, the job will appear on the wait list as something that you need to schedule.  If you haven't scheduled the work by a certain date - the warn date - the job will turn red and tell you its overdue.

And promoting something from the wait list to the schedule is easy.  Simply assign a date and a crew and you're good to go.

Watch this video for a complete overview of how to use the Wait List:

In this video you will learn:

  • How to setup a Wait List calendar in your Work Calendars
  • How to setup start and warn dates for different types of services
  • How to add a job to a Wait List
  • How to add jobs with specific services to a Wait List using a map view
  • How to show/hide jobs that have already been scheduled (so you don't schedule them twice!)
  • How to schedule multiple jobs in one step!
  • How to review your wait list for a given date
  • How to promote jobs and services from the wait list to your actual schedule / daily whiteboard


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