invoice description update services hide service hide materials faq service inactive How do I update the Invoice Description for Services and Materials on All Active Jobs?

You can quickly update all active customers' invoice descriptions for a particular service or material by following these steps:

  • Click on Settings in LMN Time
  • Click on Services or Activities/Materials in the left hand menu
  • Click on the Service or Material that you want to update
  • Editservice.png
  • Click Update All Jobs as shown above
  • Selecting Update Invoice Description will prompt you to input a new description for that particular Service or Material. Input the new description and type in UPDATE to confirm.
  • Selecting Hide From Timesheets will mark that Service or Material as hidden, preventing anyone from selecting it when clocking out from a job. This is a great way to clean up your Services list and help prevent mistakes!
  • Selecting Show on Timesheets will revert the Hide From Timesheets function in case you now need to show that Service or Material again. For example, you could hide Salting Complete in the summer, then show it again for the winter.


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