crm jobsite change jobsite faq CRM: How do I move a jobsite to a new client?

Occasionally a jobsite switches hands, especially if it is managed by a property management company. The best way to move the jobsite to the new client is outlined below:

First open the client in the CRM and click the Jobsites tab. Click on the jobsite that needs to be moved and add "[inactive]" to the Jobsite Name (or something similar that will allow you to know it is not currently related to that specific client). You can also add in a more detailed note in the Notes on the right as seen below if needed.



Now go to the new client in the CRM and add the jobsite there. You may or may not want to move estimates to that new client as well, which is up to you. If you do want to move them you can find the steps for that process HERE. Furthermore, there may also be jobsite file and timesheet photos in the inactive jobsite too. You may want to download those from the inactive jobsite and upload them to this new one.

If you use LMN Time for tracking this jobsite in the field you will want to make the change there as well. First go to your Jobs and open the job. You will see the client name on the right in the "LMN CRM Link" box. Click the Client Name as seen below. 



Next you click the Change button. Change the LMN Time job to the new Client and new Jobsite that you set up in the CRM.




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