estimate guide settings default estimate name project name estimate name Setting Up Your Default Estimate Settings

The estimate settings screen is important for 2 different reasons:

  1. You choose the default budget (and overhead recovery factors) to use when estimating work
  2. You choose the default values for your estimate names click HERE to learn how


Setting Your Default Budget

You setup your default budget(s) to use for estimating at the top of screen (pictured above).  Simply choose one of your active budgets from the dropdowns.  For each new estimate you create, LMN will get the overhead recovery markups, and the default profit margin, from the budget you select here.

Important Tips

Each user can setup their own default budgets.  When you create a new budget each year, it's very important to ensure your estimators know they need to switch their defaults.

Once an estimate has been created, you do have the ability to override the default budget with the budget of your choosing.


Setting Up Your Default Estimate or Project Names

You'll also want to setup the default naming convention for your estimators. Here, on this screen, you can tell LMN how to setup your default estimate names.  Note: you can always change an estimate name after, but its easier when your defaults name your estimates correctly!

The estimate name dropdowns (highlighted in green above) are the fields you can choose from when constructing your estimate name.  Your default estimate name can be made of up 3 distinct parts.

You can use Custom text 1 and Custom text 2 (optionally) for fields that are not available in the dropdown.  For example:

  • If you wanted the estimator's initials as part of the estimator name, I could set Custom text 1 to SA (or whatever your initials are)
  • If you wanted the year to be part of the default estimate name, you could set Custom text 2 to 2018 (or whatever the year is)

The Separator field is the character that will 'split' the pieces of information.

To set your estimate name defaults, look to the green highlighted section above.  Choose the three parts using the dropdowns. You can choose Custom text from these dropdowns if you'd like.

To see a preview of what your estimate default names will look like, look at the yellow highlighted section above.




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