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How to Sync Invoices to QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the following steps to setup your LMN account for syncing invoices to QuickBooks Desktop:

1. Download the LMN/ QuickBooks Sync tool.

  • The sync tool can be downloaded in the main LMN page by clicking on QuickBooks in the menu and then Setup. Once there you will see a button to download the LMN QuickBooks Desktop Sync App.

2. Make sure your Cost codes, Taxes, and Classes (if applicable) are set up properly in Step 4 of your sync tool. For help with this step, please see our help article here.

3. In LMN Time, click on Invoices in the top menu.

4. Generate your invoices to be billed. For more information on how to do this, please see our article on Generating invoices.

5. Click on invoices in the left-hand menu.

6. If you need to edit any invoices in this screen, please review our tutorial on editing invoices.

7. Once all of your invoices are ready to be approved, you can check off all invoices to be approved and then click Change Status as shown below and set to Approved.

8. Once invoices are Approved they are now ready to be exported to QuickBooks and now need to be Queued. To do this check off the invoices again and then click the Export to QuickBooks button as shown below.


9. Open your QuickBooks sync tool. Click on Publish Invoices and make sure your QuickBooks company file is open.


10. You should now see the following screen:


  • The first icon highlighted in red represents whether or not LMN has found a customer match in QuickBooks yet. If this is checked off, under Import Status you should see the name of the matched customer.
  • The second icon highlighted in red represents whether or not the job from LMN has been matched to a job in QuickBooks. 

11. Click the Match button to adjust the match to customer/job if necessary. Ensure this customer match is correct.
*Once these matches are done, the sync tool will remember the match for next time.

12. If the invoice is for a brand new customer and they haven't been created you can just leave the default and LMN will create the customer and job for you in QuickBooks.
13. Once all the information is verified, click Sync Now and once complete you can exit the LMN Sync tool. Invoices will now be in your QuickBooks company file!

*Important note* LMN's invoice number will appear in the memo section of your invoice in QuickBooks.  LMN allows the QuickBook's invoice number to be the default number to avoid any duplication or errors. In LMN, once an invoice has been exported, the accounting Invoice number will now be updated from the QuickBooks invoice number.


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