overtime quickbooks faq OT calculate quickbooks overtime Will LMN automatically calculate Overtime When Exporting To QuickBooks?

Yes, LMN will use your overtime rules to split regular time from overtime when exporting timesheets to QuickBooks Desktop (not QuickBooks Online, for more information on that limitation please click HERE). 

You just need to have a few things in place...

  • Make sure you've setup overtime payroll codes in QuickBooks
  • To setup your company's overtime rules, login to LMN Time, then go to Settings | Payroll and Overtime menu
    • On the Settings | Payroll and Overtime screen, configure your overtime rules and thresholds
    • On the same screen (Settings | Payroll), you can configure your default regular and overtime payroll codes

When LMN exports hours and payroll codes to QuickBooks, it will look to your settings to determine at which hours (e.g. 40 hours per week), employees need to be paid overtime. 

Once an employee passes the overtime hours threshold, LMN will export overtime hours using the overtime payroll code to ensure employees get paid the appropriate wages (e.g. time-and-a-half) for overtime hours.

Note: when exporting payroll timesheets, you must export a complete week at a time so that overtime can be calculated accurately.




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