renew renew estimate service renewal contract renewal faq update pricing renew annual renew contracts update estimates service contracts Estimates: How Do I Renew Service Estimates?

You can renew multiple Service estimates at one time to automatically adjust dates, prices, costs and more!

To renew multiple Service estimates at the same time, follow these steps:

  • From within LMN Home, Click on Estimate in your menu then click Service
  • Check off which estimates you want to renew from the list
  • Click Update Estimates then click Renew as shown below
  • Within the Renew Estimate screen, pick your preferences from the following options:

  • Click the Checkbox to confirm your selections then hit OK 
  • Type RENEW and then click CONTINUE to confirm your changes and create the new estimates

*Please note* Depending on your selection for the 'Update Pricing' option, this can result in a change to your profit and overhead recovery percentages and your new estimate may not match the previous one.



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