time app lmn time app service scheduled scheduled service faq Can My Crews See Their Scheduled Service On The LMN Time App?

Yes! When viewing SCHEDULED Jobs on the LMN Time app, the name of the scheduled service is displayed - making it easier to know what they are there to do and less likely they'll pick the wrong task!

    1. Log into the LMN Time app.
    2. Click to start a New Timesheet.
    3. Confirm the Date. Press OK.
    4. Click Clock-In.
    5. On the Select Job for Timetracking screen, click Scheduled.
    6. Select the Crew from the drop-down.
    7. Click Select a Job.
    8. The list of scheduled Jobs will appear, along with their scheduled Service (in brackets).
    9. Select the Job they wish to clock into.



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