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From the Estimate - Standard and Services screens, you can run an Excel report of all of your estimate information simply by clicking the Excel button shown below. This information is great for running all kinds of reports that you can easily filter right in Excel to get the information you need.

Some examples include:

  • Total Labor hours sold in a specific date range (Use this to compare to how many labor hours you have available!)
  • Sales Forecast report - Estimates are given a predicted value based on the estimators confidence level in winning that job.
  • Easily tally how much overhead has been recovered so far from Sold estimates.
  • Track profit and costs per Salesperson/Estimator



Included in this report is the following:

  • Estimate ID
  • Estimate Date
  • Estimator & Salesperson
  • Estimate Status
  • Divisions
  • Project Names
  • Version #
  • Client Information (Addresses, Email, Phone number, Name)
  • Estimating Pricing Information (Material Cost, Material Price, Labor Cost, Labor Price, Labor Hours, Equipment Cost, Equipment Price, Other Costs, Sub Costs, Total Costs)
  • Confidence Level & Predicted Sales (Estimate price * Confidence level) 
  • Total Overhead recovered
  • Total Profit
  • Filter for Archived Estimates & Estimates that are Excluded from stats



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