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Within LMN's CRM, you have the ability to download a Sample Import File. This Sample Import File is a spreadsheet used to mass import your clients and their information into your LMN system (keep in mind if you are using QuickBooks Desktop or Online, LMN can auto-import your customers from QB into LMN).

You have the ability to assign a customer classification in the spreadsheet. Upon upload, this will allow you attribute a customer Classification within LMN's CRM. In LMN, you can classify a customer by the following:

  • Residential
  • Commerical
  • Government
  • Other

Here's how Classification looks in LMN under CRM > Contacts > Click and open any Contact:


As an example of what the Classification column looks like in the Sample Import Sheet:


The top column is named Classification and the cell box with 'Valid Values...' explains how you can classify the client's in bulk prior to uploading to LMN's CRM. For example:

  • R, Res, or Residential will add a 'Residential' 'Classification' to your contact in LMN's CRM
  • C, Com, or Commerical will add a 'Commercial' 'Classification' to your contact in LMN's CRM
  • G, Gov, or Government will add a 'Commercial' 'Classification' to your contact in LMN's CRM

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