onboarding lmn time setup expedited faq fast track time onboarding Can I Set Up LMN Time Without Budgets & Estimates?

You can jump right into using LMN Time's Scheduling & Timetracking without establishing your Budgets/Estimates. Follow each link in order.

The steps below outline your expedited LMN Time setup:

  1. Click HERE to set up "Your Company Account."
  2. Click HERE to review "Getting Started with LMN's CRM." (2 mins)
    Importing customers from QuickBooks Desktop?  
    Importing customers from Quickbooks Online?  
    Importing customers from .csv or excel spreadsheet?  
  3. Click HERE to review "Getting Started with LMN Time." (3 mins)
    Create your Staff / Employees in LMN Time, click HERE.
  4. Will you be syncing Weekly Timesheets to QB?
    YES: Click HERE to set up your LMN Time Settings.
    Create your Jobs in LMN Time in bulk using the Create Jobs Wizard, click HERE.
  5. LMN Time App training for Admin HERE  and click HERE and bookmark to review and pass on to your foreman.
  6. Click HERE to master reviewing to approve "Timesheets."
Congratulations! Your crews are ready to start tracking their time using the LMN Time mobile app.
  • For information on LMN Time's scheduling, click HERE.
  • For information on QuickBooks Integration (Desktop and Online), click HERE.
  • For information on onboarding with LMN Pro, click HERE to learn how to set up invoicing.


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