assign job groups job type faq re-assign How Do I Re-assign New Job Types / Job Groups across multiple Jobs?

In LMN Time, you can re-assign multiple jobs to new Job Types or Job Groups directly from the Jobs screen.

      1. Log into LMN Time.
      2. Click Jobs.
      3. Click the checkboxes next to the Jobs (or Select All on the top left corner).
      4. Click Re-Assign (on the bottom black taskbar).
      5. Click Job Groups or Job Types (depending on what you wish to re-assign).
      6. On the next screen, select the appropriate Job Group/Job Type from the drop-down list.
      7. Press OK.

The selected Jobs have now been re-assigned.

NOTE: there is another alternative with assigning Jobs to different Job Groups.

Learn about organizing your Jobs from the Job Groups screen here


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