quickbooks export estimate video lmn lmn estimate quickbooks estimate export estimate to Quickooks sync estimate Exporting LMN Estimates to Quickbooks

In this video, we'll show you how to export your LMN estimates to Quickbooks. 


In this video you will learn...

  • How to add estimates to queue (to be exported to Quickbooks later)
  • How to prep estimates to make sure they're ready to be exported to Quickbooks
  • How to setup your estimate export settings so that you can choose whether:
    • to delete or archive estimates that have been exported multiple times
    • to export sales taxes along with your estimates
    • to export estimate costs and prices (better for jobcosting) or just prices
  • How to review the queued estimates to ensure they are linked to the correct customers, including:
    • How LMN will create new customers and jobs automatically for you
    • How to match LMN customers to Quickbooks customers - even if their names etc. are different
  • How to export simple, summary or detailed estimates to Quickbooks
  • How to access/save the error log (if you have any errors during your export)


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